Saturday, May 29, 2010

I don't cook meat. I can rarely cook a chicken breast that isn't too dry or too pink. My kids call my standard underdone poultry 'Cheerleader Chicken' because so often it is raw-raw-raw.

I recently found a no-fail recipe for bacon wrapped pork tenderloin for which, to my surprise, I wasn't the exception. Based on that singular success, I've moved on to a recipe I found for Texas styled pulled pork.

I have never tasted pulled pork. Before I moved to NC I had never even heard of pulled pork. Until recently, I thought it was a culinary cousin of the loose meat sandwich that was such comic fodder on Roseanne. But with pork butt on sale for 98 cents a pound on the opening weekend of barbecue season, the stars are aligned for a new learning experience. Besides,'pork butt' is just fun to say.

So last night when I couldn't sleep, I got up and started making a coffee-chipotle rub and chipotle barbecue sauce for the 7 pound pork shoulder (butt included) I bought yesterday. The recipe calls chipotle powder which isn't a standard stocked item at the local grocery store. In fact, Pace Picante Sauce is stocked with the ethnic food as if Texas is a foreign country. So the first step was to roast some chipotle peppers in the oven. I ground them in the grinder formerly known for coffee. Who needs sleep?

The rub done, I moved on to the barbecue sauce. I was wide awake when I started but the 40 minutes of sauteing and simmering was all I needed to finally feel dozy. Luckily, with help from a sleepy lick of a spoonful of fiery hot adobe sauce, I managed to finish the barbecue sauce without falling asleep in it. The rub and sauce done, I finally went back to bed at 3:30 wondering how to cook a 7 pound pork butt at 200 degrees for 14 hours and catch up on my sleep.

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