Monday, May 31, 2010

The pulled pork was a success. It was delicious, tender and juicy. It fell off the bone. The bark produced by the rub had a remarkable and addicting flavor perhaps because of its copious quantity of ground dark coffee. The barbecue sauce was great but somewhat superfluous because the meat stood so well on its own. My husband said it was better than any he has eaten. And, unlike me, he has actually eaten pulled pork before. I can't really take credit, all I did was follow instructions.

To complete the Southern barbecue theme, I made homemade soft rolls, carrot and raisins salad and strawberry sheet cake to go with it. The kids scarfed the rolls down with just butter and jelly right out of the oven. The strawberry cake was amazing. My 7 year old took one bite and said, "Whoa! This is so moist, it's better than any cake I've tasted!" I own the carrot and raisin salad now because no one really liked it but me. "I think you added too much honey. It's a little too sweet," said the boy whose breakfast of choice is a bowl full of marshmallows.

There are leftovers of everything except the rolls so today I can focus on finishing an Adirondack chair project and putting the finishing touches on a Halloween prop. Happy Memorial Day!

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