Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Ron, the farmer in Metal Shop for At-Risk Seniors, told me I needed to paint my third hand or it would rust. Before class tonight, I grabbed a random can of spray paint from the garage and painted it. I now have the only gold third hand in the class. It turns out though, that it's actually called called a third finger. Good thing there's not a written test but, that's right, I made my very own Goldfinger.

Tonight we welded "coupons" again. Coupons are short, flat pieces of steel that welders use for practice. I welded mine together so they made a box and welded on a bottom plate. I had a steel box and an hour of class time left.

I decided to try to use the welding wire to make a design. It was supposed to be a flower. I'll let you decide. The instructor let me sandblast it to clean it up and then I used a grinder to add some shiny spots. Now I have a steel vase. Or I would if it held water. I'm probably a few weeks away from ship building.

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