Sunday, June 27, 2010

Halloween is something like 127 days away-time to get busy.

Miller Light, the eternally thirsty zombie, is prop number 1 for 2010. Each part was simple and straight forward but it took a while to get all the parts to come together. The zombie is just a bucket and a PVC and foam tubing armature. There's a pump in the bucket. The pumps is attached to a tube going up to the bottle. Hidden in his jaw is a funnel, also attached to a tube so the water returns to the bucket.

Oh, and his skull is--a skull from a anatomical model store. I stained some cheesecloth with leftover coffee and use latex to apply the cheesecloth strips to his head and hand. I put coffee grounds in the still wet latex to give him that fresh out of the ground look.

His guts and the mud from which he's breaking out are make from Great Stuff foam. The tombstone is actually just part of a Styrofoam insulation sheet covered with wall compound.

I plan to add a small motor with an offset cam to add a little flailing to his free arm. I took apart a giggling stuffed toy and will use the motor and power source I found inside. I ordered a timer kit and I plan to run the power through that so that the flailing is intermittent.

I even made a spotlight for it with a super bright LED and more PVC pipe. I'll test it all out tonight when it's dark. Should be creepy. Should be fun.

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