Monday, June 28, 2010

Last weekend, I finished two projects--staining the deck and building a set of deck chairs. The deck was simple enough although it meant several hours in the heat. We had started this project much earlier this year but time, weather and distractions conspired to delay the project until the heat of summer.

The chairs started as four cheap Adirondack chair kits from Harbor Freight. We didn't want four chairs so we modified two and made a love seat. I made foot stools with the extra chair parts and now we have a complete 4 person seating area.

The fact that the chairs and the deck are virtually the same color shows my lack of forethought. I had wanted to paint the chairs a pale green but when I got to the paint store, I chose a bluish gray instead; the fact that the deck was going to be gray didn't enter into the equation for me. That happens often.

When people tell me I could be a designer for a living, I laugh to myself. Half of the things I do that come out well are happy accidents. I doubt anyone would actually hire Happy Accidents Designs with confidence in the outcome.

I plan to add some colorful cushions and pillows so that ought to help. Another project to add to the list. But at least it's an inside job.

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