Friday, June 18, 2010

Today I helped my son make chocolate cups. We got the instructions from Bakerella. We started with water balloons just like she says, but every time we tried to coat them with chocolate they popped. We had a mess on our hands and on the counter and the floor and in my hair.

Eventually we tried regular balloons and just filled them partially full of air. That worked. We had our chocolate covered balloons. We waited a while and then popped the balloons. We found out that we skimped on the cooking spray and had a little trouble getting the balloons completely out of some of the cups. We had a lot of waste but we started with a lot of balloons and chocolate, so it worked out.

We filled the cups with pudding topped with whipped cream, chocolate chips and sprinkles. I spent the rest of the afternoon scraping hardened chocolate off of, well, just about everything. I deserve a treat. I wonder where I can find one?

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