Thursday, July 01, 2010

Family Fun with Flip
and Audacity and Movie Maker. Well, not so much Movie Maker. I thought it was slow and rigid and not nearly as user friendly as the Sony software I used to use. But that was a few years and several iterations of Windows ago and we are now on a bit of an austerity program and I can't just go out and buy software on a whim.

This whim was two years in the making. I wrote the script two years ago. Last year, we tried to film it but the kids and I just got frustrated with each other. Apparently it is easy to be James Cameron nasty when your project is in the hands of uncooperative actors, even if they are your own children. On several occasions I was heard proclaiming, "I'll never work with you two again!"

"They're only children! You're a tyrant!" my husband shot back.

"It's MY movie they're destroying!"

The movie project was put on indefinite hiatus.

Finally, this year we hit upon a winning formula. We recorded the script on the computer separately and then just filmed the scenes afterward. I cut and pasted everything in a purposely sloppy way to give me some leeway for syncing up the audio and visuals. Since I wanted to mute the video's onboard audio track and add my own audio and soundtrack, I used Audacity. Audacity is freeware that makes you wonder why it's free. It's like magic. It is as flexible as Movie Maker is rigid.

The extra long opening is my indulgence. I deserve it for what I've been put through over this project. James Cameron would understand.

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