Saturday, July 03, 2010


Today's project was pretty small-- solder this interval timer kit for my flailing zombie.

These are my weapons of choice for this job. A soldering iron and an unsoldering iron. It has another name, but who cares? It comes in handy.
Solders are looking pretty good. I have my good days and bad days, soldering-wise. Otherwise, everyday is a good day.
This is about halfway through. Notice the two puck-shaped potentiometers that look exactly the same? They are not the same and you have only one clue to tell them apart. Good luck!
Here it is completed and connected to the small offset motor from a kid's toy. The interval timer serves to turn the motor on and off at set intervals. I know better than to define a term by using that term but, hey, it's the Internet where people are always "loosing there minds", so I feel entitled.
I attached the motor to Miller's free arm and set the timer to go off for 5 second once every 60 seconds or so. Here's the effect--more like twitching than flailing. It's not quite what I wanted but I think it's just enough to freak out a few people Halloween night.

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