Saturday, December 25, 2010

PEZ Dance Troupe and Chorus

Here's my 2010 PEZ on Earth Dance Troupe and Chorus.

In case you're curious, I outlined the different parts of the props below.

The build:
All the PEZ bodies are made from white pine and luan. The heads are made from either plastic kitty litter buckets or paint buckets. I just used fabric and felt to make the hair, caps and collars. The reindeer antlers are made of wood. His nose is half of a soft drink bottle and half of a plastic rubber ball. A couple of strings of LED Christmas lights go around the stage and are timed to the music. The boxes that look like giant gift boxes hide the laptop, power supplies and control boards. Two outdoor speakers give the performance a clear, crisp sound even when not cranked up very high.

The 5 "singing" PEZ are driven with air cylinders and solenoids. The ones that go straight up as if you were loading PEZ candy into the dispenser are attached to drawer slides. Santa's and Mrs. Claus' heads are on door hinges. The "dancing" elves are on servo motors and lazy susan turntables.

Technical Info:
I used a Lynxmotion SSC-32 servo control board, APS relay control board, a Kit 74 relay board and a 2*100 watt amp board from Sure Electronics. The sensor is attached to a DLP-IO8-G 8-Channel Data Acquisition Board which is attached via a USB cable to the laptop that controls everything. I programmed the performance with Brookshire VSA and ran that through MonkeyBasic Helmsman.

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